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BNS Care Services - is a Healthcare, Office and Hotel Recruitment and Employment Agency. We supply both Permanent and Temporary Workers, to heathcare, hotel and office settings around Greater London and beyond. We aim to retain high-quality care standards and service delivery and more-so, staff training and development - remain at the core of what we stand for today.

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What we offer

At BNS Care, we provide a range of tailor-made solutions to individuals, families, clients and care practice settings. We do this with compassion, dedication, and professionalism adhering and guided by set Healthcare and National Standards.

We strive to keep a happy client list by:

  • Carrying out required checks to ensure all staff are qualified and appropriate for their respective tasks
  • Liasing with regulatory bodies to ensure all standards are met to maintain to edge of quality we believe is what seperates us from the rest.
  • Encourage criticism and make necessary changes based off feedback we get from our clients to continually improve our service.

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James LKovell Business Estate
Hammond House
Freshwater Road
Essex RM8 1RX
Telephone: 020 8599 1699
FAX: 020 8597 7778
E-mail: info@bnscareservices.co.uk